Feel at Home Abroad Easily: VIP Ultimate Guide

From Expat to Inpat.

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Feel Home Abroad Easily: VIP 

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The Step by Step guide to settle abroad.

Moving abroad is a life changing experience and can be challenging. Worry no more. Here's how to make connections, have the right mindset, understand the new culture, get social, feel familiar, and be the person you want to be in a new country.

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  • Ways to re-invent yourself in a new country
  • Tools to make new friends easily
  • Lessons how to re-wire your brain towards a positive mindset
  • Reassurance that you made the right decision
  • Ideas to recreate your new home
  • Clarity and motivation about life abroad
  • Plans to create a new routine
  • Steps to make connections and socialize
  • Cultural know-how to avoid offending or misunderstandings
  • Checklists, cheat sheets, and tips for every step.
  • Expert interviews and case studies offering superb advice
  • Inspiration to be the person you want to be in a new 'Home'!

VIP Sessions

This course includes 2 extra coaching sessions(*) where you receive personalized 1-to-1 time with Rachel, worth the value of $199. 
You decide the area you need guidance with and we discuss your specific needs and goals. At the end of the sessions you will receive clear action steps that you can implement right away to feel at ease and peace with yourself no matter where you are. 
Whether your goal is to gain clarity in a job role, make new friends, start a new career, beat homesickness, understand cultural differences, re-invent yourself or deal with your loved ones back home,  we've got you covered!

(*)VIP sessions must be completed withing 60 days of the course purchase


This course includes bonus lectures to help you thrive abroad.
Case studies from all corners of the world sharing their story and how they overcome important obstacles that may happen to you.
Also, professional experts offer valuable expertise: from a travel expert, digital nomad, to a career coach for expats and more. Each expert has amazing tips to help you on your journey.

Everything is new and strange, and you want to stay and thrive.
How can you shift that feeling from strange, foreign, uncertainty to excitement, fulfillment, satisfaction no matter where you are?
I felt many of the same things when I first moved abroad. Now, many countries later, I want to share what I learned and help you connect, thrive and experience the freedom of living abroad!

Between all the people I’ve met out in the world, I don’t know anyone who has regretted moving abroad, but I know plenty who have regretted staying behind.

Ready to start a HAPPY life abroad?
I'll see you inside the course!


I found Rachel's bite-sized videos and material to be very educative and up-lifting. She covers many different issues that are important to consider when we move abroad and offers specific options for concrete action to make sure we can deal with all the challenges in a positive way. I would definitely recommend it to expats, especially if you are moving abroad for the first time and you want to know better what to expect and how you can make it a successful experience.~ Natalia Marques Leal

Gives you all the in and outs on living abroad, making it your new home. with a lot of pick me up when you have doubts. ~Ramon van der Wel

Course Curriculum

Rachel Smets

Dedicated to help you to live abroad, gain clarity, create connections so you feel in control and energized to succeed abroad, enjoy their new freedom lifestyle and feel at home in any country.

Through living abroad in many countries for many years, I've learned how to thrive and turn every challenge into a new opportunity. 

Experienced teacher, course creator, bestselling author, TEDx speaker, professor International Business and Cultural Trainer.

Living the life of your dreams is amazing and I want you to experience it.

Rachel loves to inspire people and help them to become their best selves!

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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